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Coding for Teens

There’s lots happening for youth at Mozilla. Make your own web comics, build a hackable game, become a Popcorn reporter, or learn a little code just for the fun of it. At this year’s MozFest, teens had the opportunity to mess around with Scratch, do some playtesting, and geek out with Young Rewired State, Coder Dojo, Black Girls Code, Radio Rookies, the London Zoo and more.

Check out “Superheroes of MozFest” a gripping three-minute video about a new species of humanoid—the Webmaker. This collaboratively-produced video montage provides insight into the webmaker’s habits, characteristics, and habitat by profiling a handful of individuals participating in MozFest, an annual gathering that attracts hominids interested in learning about, and playing with, the future of the World Wide Web.

Teens worked together with WNYC Radio Rookies, Global Action Project and REV- to remix footage from nature docs, interview characters from within the halls at Ravensbourne and help tell a story about MozFest unlike any other previously told.