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Try out a cool Webmaker experiment from @forresto: an entire font made out of animated GIFs! Make your own message with it and share with your friends.

Try the project here & learn some code:
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MeeMoo GIF Animations created at MozFest

papercraft #firefox loves the world @forresto

Tiger catches bee. @kittycatalayna

Tiger catches bee. @kittycatalayna

bees are buzzing @tangerinebee1

Stickman Flips! By @kittycatalayna

The magical tongue @kingfred111

kitten-catches-mouse by alayna @kittycatalayna

happy birthday firefox! @ioana_cis

rollin eyes @legocoder

sam’s awesome barrel roll


prancey pony @ncasenmare

Find out more about MeeMoo’s session at MozFest:

Find out more about MeeMoo:

'Make a vintage 3D web page' webmaker project

Create and share a 3D web page using the stereograph collection of The New York Public Library.

Make unique 3D images or animated GIFs using the NYPL’s amazing new “Stereogranimator” tool, a digital version of the 19th century “Stereoscope.” Then package them into your own unique 3D web page.

Browse through the library’s stereograph archive of more than 40,000 vintage images, most of which are more than 100 years old. Then create either your own “anaglyph" image for use with vintage blue-red 3-D glasses, or create a mesmerizing animated GIF that approximates stereoscopic movement and depth.

It’s “do-it-yourself 3D.” Or as the NYPL puts it, a chance to “mash up an important early genre of internet folk art with a nearly forgotten species of folk photography.”

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tumblr’s ‘Make your own animated GIF’ webmaker project

Turn any image into an animated GIF work of art.

This project helps you to take any image of your choosing and then use GIMP, the free open source image editing tool, to prepare it for animated GIF-ification. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions on how to animate your image, adjust the speed, and then share your completed masterpiece on your Tumblr, web page or just about anywhere.

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